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I wish I was is a narrative dungeon-crawler in which you solve text-based puzzles to progress. Figure out yourself and the world around you.

Inspired by old-school text-based adventures.


You only need a keyboard!

Move with arrow-keys or wasd and type in your answers into the text-box.

Use space to interact with objects.

Type "exit" anytime you want to exit a dialogue window.

Use escape to pause or exit the game.

If you need help use a notepad or something similar to write down possible answers. The game focuses around forgetting and being lost; so don't feel bad if you experience one or the other. Play the game as you see fit for yourself though!


This game has been created over a couple of weeks for university. Some things might not be fully polished and bugs might occur (but hopefully won't).


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i-wish-i-was-win.zip 31 MB
Version 3
i-wish-i-was-mac.zip 32 MB
Version 2


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I loved this game so much <3

Amazing game! You're the best creator! :D


A nice little game. Loved the art style.


I made a video on this game at it starts at 14:20 


(macOS version)

i really liked this game! it has a really charming art style and colour palette, and I liked the gameplay element of going around different rooms to connect words with others. 

If you're taking suggestions, the transition between screens when you go through them slowly is a bit janky, and I also spent ten minutes trying to figure out how to actually play (but i might just be a huge idiot). Maybe just to start you could have a little space bar icon hovering above one of the ghosts? 

This was a really beautiful game though, and you simulated that feeling of memory loss and disorientation really well; i had to go back a lot to remind myself of the words i needed! nice job :)

Always happy for suggestions! A little tutorial at the beginning would definitely help, i haven't really had time to think about that while working on it but i like the spacebar idea!

The screen transition I think has to do with the different screen sizes and the way I made the assets. I haven't really found a good solution to that yet but I'm looking into it for future projects as well.

Thank you so much for the feedback I'm happy you liked it (despite the awkward beginning ;p)!


I really enjoyed being pushed to remember key words to progress with puzzles. That's what really caught my undivided attention to the immersive world you've created. 

Very well done :)

Here's my playthrough for all to experience.


I really loved this pretty game. Very relaxing and engaging. Thank you for sharing.


I really enjoyed this! it was short but I got engrossed fast and just focused, I have almost a whole page of notes from just a 20ish-minute playthrough. I kinda guessed the final key pretty easily but I was enjoying the game so much I kept playing just to find it out in-game. 
I almost wish I had had to do more to get the 3 keys but maybe I was just lucky and found them quickly. Either way, it was great, good job!

Thank you so so much for the feedback!! You probably had a great layout of the dungeon then :3 I'll definitely try placing some objects with more purpose next time :)


Hey, I just finished this game and it's amazing, the puzzles were original, the design is simple and adorable giving an nice atmosphere with the background sound. I stuggle a little bit because i went too fast but that's my fault. Anyway, keep going on this way :3

Thank you so much!! I really hope you didn't feel too frustrated going fast ^^


Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, I liked the text base mechanic here, and also it was pretty fun solving those puzzles, good work :)


Thank you so much! The video also shows some small things I can improve on so thank you for that too :) I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

This game has a very poignant atmosphere. It felt good to connect the key words together. The themes of memory and forgetting worked well with this format and didn't feel punishing when I forgot things. I like this a lot. I got up to the first key and I think I'll try to play it again later! 


Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm happy you liked it :)