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The cold stone floor beneath your hands brings you to a moment of consciousness. A gentle gust of wind brushes past your cheeks. Back again? Or have you never left? A heartbeat - not your own but of a safe. Neatly tucked away, protected from intruders, holding the key to your salvation. 

...your salvation - just beyond that door. It's everything you could ever want. 

All you need to do is: Get. Out. That. Door.

Zork meets Existential Crisis - Will you manage to take back control?

The conversational AI running in the background of this game ensures you won't have to learn specific commands before you even get to solve the actual puzzles. You have plenty of freedom to express yourself.

This also means you need to have an active internet connection to run the game! Do not enter any sensitive data!

You only need your keyboard!

Like in classic text adventures you type in the action and your avatar will perform it for you! They don't have another choice do they?

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-------------This game is currently in development-------------

-----If you find bugs please contact us at lual@lual.games-----


Created together with:

Funded and supported by Pro Helvetia <3

Color Palette "SLSO8" by Luis Miguel Maldonado

Updated 6 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authorslulatschia, tookfoolery
GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure, Puzzle
Made withUnity, Aseprite, Blender
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Mental Health, Narrative, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, Text based
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


IDE_1.8_win.zip 88 MB
Version 11 12 days ago
IDE_1.8_mac.zip 89 MB
Version 10 12 days ago

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I'm interested how you use the chatbot technology within the game. What would I need to do to code something similar into one of my own text adventure programs? Any help or direction greatly appreciated. BTW, I watched the preview and it's a nice game! :) 

Hi! We would love to give you some insights so you can play around with this technology too! 

Please drop us a line at lual@lual.games!


When i was about to use bath to fill the bucket i stoped myself coz readed "it has a battery slot and something something not working" while standing next to bath closer to tree, 10 min later i used bath out of curiosity and get angry :D

Great game.


Even though I knew this game had existential horror, that ending still caught me off guard! Really cool game, would love to play more. The beating heart was a really nice touch, too.

I don't understand what the green bars on the right side of the text block are meant to be? Because at first I thought it was some kind of energy bar, but that didn't seem right. Is it a scroll to let me see previous text responses?

(Also, I feel like the mushroom needs a hug.)

Hi! Happy to hear you liked it :)
The green bar is the scroll bar, yes! Did the scrolling not work for you?
The mushroom could definitively use a hug and maybe you're able to do that soon too :D For now, you can pet them at least!

Hello! Sorry, I forgot to respond earlier. No, the scrolling did not work for me.  When I opened the game, my mouse cursor disappeared, and I couldn't use it.

Hmm, the mouse cursor is supposed to dissapear but the scrolling should still work. We will definitely look into it though! Thank you!


I played this game and I really liked it, the only thing which felt missing was the horror but the ending was neat I'd say, aside that it was a pretty fun game, the commands worked pretty well, I could feel that there's effort put into the game, great work :)


Had a chance to play this at GDC - lovely story and extremely intuitive to play even for people like myself who get constantly stuck in adventure games.

Looking forward to seeing more!


As my first game is called "you doesn't exist" I couldnt ignore this game, could I XDD brace yourself for a lot of "you suck at english grammar" comments xD

Anyway as for the game itself, it's neat, but it ends right when it grabs me xD I can't wait to get the next bit ^^


this is a really good new take on the old text adventure games. I like that it has visuals. The game is quite short, but would definitely play future installments in the future.

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Amazing game! The mushroom is one of the best hint givers and I had a lot of fun playing it. Definitely recommending! Check it out!


This was really fantastic! I'd love for this to get turned into something full length at some point.

The art is beautiful, the presentation is great, good puzzles, and the text parser is one of the least frustrating I've seen. Definitely check it out :)

loved it, i didnt even think about some of the solutions that was nice and new.

I really like this game, but i don´t know what to do after cutting the anchor. I tried to get the key but i dont know how. :(.

Thank you so much we're glad you liked it! :) 

May I ask if you have solved the clock puzzle already? Talking to the little mushroom might also give you some hints on how to proceed.

i didn´t solve the clock puzzle, i don´t know how to get out the batteries of the radio, and thanks for your reply <3.


Try asking the mushroom about a "tool" or the "radio" they might be able to help you out :3 

Hope this helps!

I'm proud this game is in my recommendation :D. maybe I will play this game later


Hey, I loved your game so much that I made a whole video on it! Its my first proper game analysis / Review thingy so it's no magnum opus but I thought you might want to see it! 

Have a wonderful day!

Wow. This is absolutely amazing and we are so extremely humbled! 

We’re so happy to see that people realize what we are trying to convey in the story and you nailed it on the head with this one - without giving away too much. We literally made this game and got goosebumps from the ending so very very well done.

Thank you so so much for this beautiful review and we’re so glad you liked it. 

(BTW the mushroom has become our little mascot, because you are absolutely right they are the absolute cutest)

I'm so glad you guys liked it!


lulatschia already said everything, but i also wanted to thank you personally! this is so so kind and unbelievable for us <3

Thanks a bunch!


This is game is amazing, it was really fun and cool!


Fantastic game! I love it. Though I'm currently stuck at the safe, as apparently the key doesn't exist. Is there another word I'm supposed to use? Also, you might want to rename the logs you can pick up logs instead of wood, as it took a while to realize that's the word you were supposed to use. ^^

nvm figured it out LOL. I tried writing "take key" but it seems "pick up key" was the key I needed to take it xD pun totally intended

Thank you for your feedback, we're glad you liked it! :D

It's strange that "take key" didn't work, I will look into that. As we're using a conversational AI to interpret what the player writes, it shouldn't matter whether you use "log" or "wood" – did "log" not work for you? Or did I misunderstand?

Thanks again for your comment, we're super grateful for all the people who point out things that don't work!

No, log nor logs didn't work, and it also wouldn't accept a lot of words like 'place' or 'use' and stuff like that.

That is mighty strange and I am unable to replicate it – I would need to know more about how exactly you've written something, the context etc.

We would be immensely grateful if you could contact us via lual@lual.games to give us some more insight, if you have the time. 

Regardless we will try to figure out what the problem might have been!


Great game! I really love the art style and music


just finished it oh my god. I can't wait for the full gam


I played the game and really enjoyed it. I would highly recommend that you check it out. Of course the game is still in an early stage, but I see quite the potential for a nice game further down the development road. 

@ the game designers & composers keep up the good work!;-)  


this is an amazing game I love the music and design its amazing not sure how to get past anchor though I used bolt cutters but it won't let me pas

Thank you so much for your feedback we’re happy you liked it :)

May I ask if you used the bolt cutter on the anchor itself or the chain?

Hi Hannah! I think we found the bug that caused your issue and it should be fixed now! If you download the game again you should be able to reach the end now. :)


thank you so much! its a great game personally going on my top ten favorites